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?Welcome to Neuretox Audio's Launch Party?

This is Neuretox's first event and do we have a night in store for you. It's my pleasure to involve some big names in the scene coming from around the UK and to support them, an arsenal of some of the best upcoming producers and Dj's from Cornwall. There will be a variety of music on the night, from Drum and Bass, Neurohop to Dubstep, Garage and breaks. Something for everyone, expect heaviness.

Our aim is to make a big impression on the bristol scene with our first event and we are proud to announce such a big line up, bringing the likes of Skope, Akov, Raptus and Jack the Ripper to Basement 45. Prepare for a night of twisted sounds as we dip and delve into the world of Neuro. 

We at Neuretox want to make these events as regular as possible and bring as many artists to bristol as we can, from the one's we all know and love, to those undiscovered talents lurking in the shadows. 

We are running and funding this event completely on our own, a lot of time and effort has gone into putting it on and this reflects in the ticket price. We want to be able to continue throwing these events consistently in the future, so money from tickets will be going straight back in to the next event, which i can tell you now, we have BIG plans for. 

So lets cut to the chase,


Oni & Mes
Refuze & Antisocial 
Axia & Cyra
Duplicity ( Jack the Ripper & Obscure Form)
Soma & Dr Oscillator 
Akov + MC Twitchee Cordz

[2 Rooms - 2 Bars] - 18+ - No ID, No Entry.

Drum & Bass/Dubstep/Neurohop/Glitchhop/Breaks


[ There will only be 300 tickets available online, get them soon to guarantee you get in! ] 

£6 Early-bird tickets online.

£8 Normal release tickets online.


Acts of the night: 

? Refuze - [Hopskotch Records//The Glitch Shop]-

Refuze and Antisocial are a double act from Cornwall, both studying on the DBS uni course at Cornwall college. This like-minded pair are seen to feed off each other throughout their back to back set's creating a real interaction between them and the crowd. They perform with an exciting flare and style, still achieving a seamless sounding mix. Refuze recently released his debut EP on Hopskotch Records, after working with Raptus to create Serendipity, for The Glitch Shop's first compilation.


? Oni & Mes - [ MUK ]

Introducing Oni and Mes, a talented duo from Cornwall that have been throwing it down in the local scene over the last couple of years and continue to improve and impress with every performance. Definitely not an act to miss, juggling filth with funk, they never fail to put on a show, delivering you with the best, most recent Midtempo and Dubstep.

-(Drum and Bass//Dubstep//Neurohop)-


? Arkitech - [Lethal Injection Records]

Dark drum & bass vibes coming from the southwest, as Arkitech sketches up another treat for you. With releases on Lethal Injection and Inception records, he is renowned for his crunchy bass lines and experimental approach to Neurofunk, an up comer to watch out for.

-(Neurofunk//Drum and Bass)-


? Axia & Cyrah - [Neuretox Audio]

Axia and Cyrah are a relatively new duo from Cornwall, both with a passion for their music. Since first coming across EDM all those years ago, they have been interested in little else, focusing all their attention on the mixing and production of electronic music. The duo, both transitioning to bristol for further education, found it the perfect time to launch their own label, Neuretox Audio.

-(Drum and Bass//Dubstep//Neurohop)-


? SeanyB -

[Inception Records//Phaked//Pressure Plate Audio}

SeanyB started off playing at small raves working his way up the industry chain until he started to support some big names in the scene. Starting his career off in cornwall he has worked his way up into Bristol which has opened up bigger opportunities in the industry as he has been offered more bookings supporting bigger acts. So far he has supported names such as - Clarity, Dub phizix & Strategy, Indigo, Biome, Break, Lenzman, Mako, Fields, Emperor, Hidden, Eye-D, Mystic state, ARPxp, Tephra & Arkoze just to name a few. If anything this man knows how to fill a dancefloor with his crisp minimal drums, room shaking sub bass and tearing basslines.

-(Minimal Drum and Bass)-


? Duplicity - formed of:

Jack the Ripper - [Why So Rotten?//Phantom Dub//Train Recordings//Dubstomp 2 Bass]
Obscure Form 

Jack the Ripper and Obscure form infuse to become Duplicity. Jack is a Jump up producer and Dj from Cornwall. A big upcoming name, known well for his constant stream of releases, with tracks on Why So Rotten?, Train Recordings and Phantom Dub. Prepare for a flawless entourage of filth, as the ripper unleashes tune after tune. Obscure form, built up a name for himself mixing Neurofunk and Drum and bass regularly at free parties and events in Cornwall over the past couple of years. A brilliant act to watch as his attention to detail creates some of the smoothest flowing, sickest sounding mixes, unleashing track upon track in a feeding frenzy of drum and bass.

-(Jump up//Neurofunk//Drum and Bass)-


? Soma & Dr Oscillator -

[Caliber Music//Adapted Records]

Soma and Dr Oscillator, both travelling the distance from Cumbria to be here, don't need any introductions. Two amazingly talented young producers, who use Neuro influences flawlessly across a selection of genres. Both are highly underrated producers, with the talent to create, the highest quality, cleanest sounding music. With an already noticeable following, I can see them really taking off in the near future.


? Raptus - [Adapted Records//The Glitch Shop]

As the circuits are activated, we cannot fail to sense the crackle & hum. Deep sub-bass erupts, tortured mid-range voices its dissent and stuttering percussion is spiked upon a needle of hard dance-floor sounds. Amongst this startling cacophony of sound we find Cornwall's Raptus.



? Akov + MC Twitchee Cordz -


Alexander Ushakov aka AKOV, is possibly one of the most exciting and promising Neurofunk Drum and Bass producers in the South West right now. Originally hailing from Totnes, Devon and now based in Bristol, he’s been making some serious waves since he came on the scene earlier this year.

Since his hugely successful debut release, 'Construct Ep' on Neurofunk Grid in October 2013, his tracks have been getting support from names such as Joe Ford, Maztek, Sunchase, Mako, Misanthrop, Kloe, Kursa, Protostar, R.O and Loko. 

-(Neurofunk//Drum and Bass)-


? Skope -

[Caliber Music//Adapted Records//Heavy Artillery]

With a keen focus on the meticulous production that goes into the neuro sound, Skope is a new breed of producer, producing musical and synth driven Glitch Hop, Neuro Hop, Dubstep & Drum and Bass. Skope draws influences from classic Noisa and Spor as well as hip-hop, soul and funk and he holds a unique sound amongst his contemporaries. With an unquenchable lust for new sounds, he aims to continue exploring the sonic spectrum and he has already carved a mark for himself on some of the scenes leading labels such as Caliber Music, Adapted Records and Heavy Artillery.

-(Neuro Hop//Dubstep//Glitchhop)-


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